Atacaron vehículo de periodista parlamentario

On July 3, 2013, Richard Sayago, journalist and parliamentary assistant, denounced that for unknown reasons his vehicle was attacked by two unknown subjects on motorcycles, when he was in the vicinity of the national assembly, after he exited the legislative power institution where he works. This happened in Caracas, capital district. Sayago denounced at IPYS Venezuela that the windshield wiper (the front glass) of his vehicle was hit by two unidentified persons on a motorbike, a few blocks away from the national assembly headquarters. The journalist had left the seat of parliament where he works as the assistant of congressman Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, who is backed by the opposition political party. The journalist recounted that a few kilometers away from the seat of parliament, he realized that persons on two motorcycles were following him. They immediately they knocked on the window on the driver´s side and made a signal for him to stop. Sayago said that he went on going and ignored the persons. However, when he stopped at the next red light, two persons got off their motorbikes, approached his vehicle and broke his windshield. The persons then ran away. Sayago has no idea why this happened, because he was not able to hear or exchange words with the persons who attacked the automobile. The persons did not relieve him of any of his belongings. This is the third irregular situation Richard Sayago has been subjected to so far this year. On April 17, when he was in his own personal car, he was also followed and intercepted by persons on motorcycles. As told by him, one time when he stopped at the curb in an avenue in Caracas, one of the persons on a motorcycle got off and walked towards Sayago´s car. When he saw this, the journalist immediately took off, and no incident took place. Another day, on April 22, Sayago was walking close to the legislative federal palace in downtown Caracas, when he was approached by a person who got off a motorcycle, and in an intimidating fashion showed him a firearm. Based on his testimony, the man told him to be careful, that he knew all his movements on account of the work he carries out, and that they knew who he works for: as the press attaché and the parliamentary assistant of congressman Miguel Ángel Rodríguez. This latest incident represents an intimidatory action and an attack to the property of journalists and could endanger his personal integrity.